A remarkable affair! The selection from the double album captures the best of Petr Dolejs Koch's compositions from 1980 almost to the present. Koch describes his work as art rock, and when one first hears the endless, perhaps a bit of a one-colour drama of Koch's electric guitar, he remembers the late English psychedelic of the 1970s, such as Hawkwind.

The V.I.P ™ are expressed in English, but the language of their texts is rich and surprisingly poetic. This is usually exceptional for our bands. Such texts as Eagles' Cry or in the Darkness House would also survive in Czech translations. They are very personal, revolving around Koch's inner world, but in many verses, one can easily assemble one's own experience.

The most interesting is Koch's singing. The word singing should belong in quotation marks. It is more of a dramatic recitation into the rolling guitar mass. At the time of the singing yawns, his energy and interest are from another world. There is life in him, one hundred percent devotion to what he wants to say. We feel that there is another message behind the music that is inexpressible in words.

 The sound engineer managed to capture The V.I.P ™ in a very authentic form and capture the energy, which is mainly subordinate to Koch's singing. But to be fair – without the other three teammates. who play for life, Koch would also be only half.

 Such music is said to "grow aside." And either other music catches up with it over time, discovers and integrates it, or The V.I.P ™ will remain a misunderstood rarity on the fringes. But the four may no longer care. What Koch & company wanted to say was communicated to the world on the board.

Josef Vlček